The war against weeds

They may look pretty, but invasive plants creep along roadside rights of way and become pests for adjacent landowners. With Clark County's community outreach program, landowners are more informed about noxious species. Photos: Clark County, Wash.,

This poorly maintained Zone 1 area shows vegetation growing right to the road edge, allowing water and other materials — in this case, mud — to accumulate. Bareground treatments that remove all vegetative growth prevent water from building up on road surfaces. Photo: Clark County, Wash.

Philip Burgess, director of the Clark County Weed Management Division, Wash., injects a stem of knotweed with glyphosate to keep the invasive species from reproducing.

Clark County utilizes Washington Department of Agriculture grants to fund control methods for Japanese knotweed, seen here along the Washougal River corridor in Clark County.

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