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The BOSS Power-V XT multiposition plow features a 37-in. flared blade wing that clears paths through any type of snow. Available in two models, it removes heavy, wet snow, breaks through massive snowdrifts, and clears snow from doors and buildings. Features include 1/2x6-in. high-performance cutting edges, a chainless hydraulic cylinder lifting system, and a sight system that allows operators to align the truck and plow from the comfort of the cab.

The automated UltraShift HV (Highway Valve) medium-duty transmission features an optional park pawl that, when engaged, simultaneously locks the transmission and the vehicle's drivetrain and driven wheels. The feature ensures that the vehicle remains stationary when parked, which creates a driving environment more like that of an automobile than a commercial truck. The transmission also can engage the hold mode in any gear for continuous operation on a variety of grades.

Monster Box jobsite storage solutions feature heavy-duty tubular steel framing and recessed locks that are UL-rated and weather- and drill-resistant. The four-point crane lift system supports 2500 lbs., and the Power Pass grommet allows pass-through of electrical cords with the box closed and locked. The 1010 Chest has 31-cu.ft. storage capacity, the 1000 Piano Box holds 48 cu. ft., and the 1020 Cabinet holds 52 cu. ft.

Channel Flow air filters need less installation space than most, and offer twice the capacity (1 unit of contaminant per unit volume). The flat and corrugated media, formed by a honeycomb network of channels, eliminates the need for a center tube and wrapper. Air enters open channels, contaminants are trapped inside the filter, and clean air flows out adjacent open channels. This straight-through design increases air flow so high-performance engines can meet tough exhaust emission standards.


Available via any Internet browser, efleet is a hosted fleet management service that includes wireless dispatching, GPS tracking, and job updates. It includes the Vector 530 mobile data terminal and the iPilot 8000 mobile data touch-screen computer. Each has an easy-to-read display, intuitive user interface, clear day and nighttime viewing, and audible alerts. The optional SmartPrint mobile printer authorizes credit cards and prints professional receipts.

With15,000- to 60,000-lb. lifting capacities, Girolift lifts have few moving parts (no chains, cables, or pulleys) for easy operation and low maintenance. Seven models are available, all featuring trouble-free hydraulic synchronization. Each also has a direct-lift cylinder in each post; mechanical locks in each column with single-point, air-operated release; and a built-in jack rail that doubles as an air supply.

Designed for ??- and 1-ton trucks, the ProContractor truck bed provides durability and Western style. It has a high-gloss, black powder-coat finish and is shot-blasted and pre-treated with iron phosphate and steam. Other features include an asphalt undercoating, reinforced wheel compartment, and gooseneck hitch compartment with trap door, ball-mounting hitch plate, and D-ring. Custom lay-down sides offer easy-access cargo control.

The company's trailer products include storage modules with cabinets, drawers, and adjustable shelving for all sorts of tools, equipment, and ladders. Choose preconfigured, trade-specific storage modules or mix and match components to create a custom module. Shelving units and preconfigured modules include a Z-rail kit for installing to the trailer.

The VO40 Open-Center Directional Control Valve for compact equipment is rated at 10.6 gpm and 4350 psi. This low-flow sectional valve can be stacked to 10 sections. It offers a lock-valve option for applications where no leakage or function drift is allowed. Plus, its unique spool design reduces cycle time and its large cross-section seals ensure reliable operation and eliminate the chance of incorrect assembly during service or restacking.

The company's compact air heaters have heat outputs from 6000 to 41,000 BTU and two to four heat levels for cycling between levels to maintain the user-set temperature. Also available, with outputs from 5500 to 120,000 BTU, are compact coolant heaters for applications ranging from engine preheating to supplemental heating. They cycle between two to four heat levels to maintain a constant water temperature called for by the control unit. Safety features including flame sensors, temperature regulating, and overheat sensors.

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