The challenge of a lifetime

“It can be done,” says Dave Zanetell, manager of the Hoover Dam Bypass project for the Central Federal Lands Highway Division of the Federal Highway Administration. “It doesn't have to be that every great endeavor becomes a legacy that's hard to manage fiscally.” Photos: Federal Highway Administration, Central Federal Lands Highway Division

The terrain on the Nevada rim varies, with rock outcroppings and fault lines traversing the canyon walls.

With Hoover Dam defining the special character of the site, focus groups decided on a deck arch to preserve the view of the historic dam.

Twin ribs were designed to lessen the size of arch elements during construction and provide greater flexibility for geometry control as the arch was cast.

Two highline cable cranes that delivered and placed material were supported by two 330-foot towers, each 2,500 feet apart. A trolley was placed on the cable system. The towers were designed to move left or right seven degrees to allow workers to remove steel girders.

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