The Buddy System

Nestled in the Rogue River Valley near the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in southwestern Oregon, Shady Cove is home to fewer than 3,000 people and covers just six square miles. But Public Works Director George Bostic's need for financial assistance is no less important than those of his peers in the nation's largest cities. Adept at identifying potential partners that strengthened funding requests, he successfully lobbied for $2 million in grants from a variety of state agencies to help pay for a major wastewater treatment plant upgrade that included a 50-foot-wide clarifier, tripling the plant's capacity. Photos: Michael Fielding

Above: A coarse screen filter, installed in 1980 and filtering less than 5% of the larger debris at the Shady Cove, Ore., wastewater treatment plant, was replaced with a $120,00 Raptor fine screen filter in 2003. The new filter, purchased with some of the $2 million grant money awarded to Shady Cove, now filters up to 90% of large debris.

Left: His work funded in part by state grants, DuPont contractor Kurt Spingath helped Baker County, Ore., set up plots of the noxious weed medusahead to evaluate the efficacy of a new product that the company was testing. The ATV—outfitted to kill weeds by County Weed Supervisor Arnie Grammon—is one of Grammon's creative ways to get the work done during lean financial times. Most of the area in eastern Baker County is infested with medusahead.

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