Texas turns trash into treasure

Houston residents are learning how the Solid Waste Management Department saves landfill space by gathering and giving excess construction materials to local artists. James Myres’s “Tomato” is made with wood from the department’s Reuse Warehouse and paint from its Environmental Service Center.

James Myres with his work “Tomato” made with wood obtained from the Reuse Warehouse and paint obtained from the Environmental Service Center South.

One of the man pieces of recycled art displayed at Transitions

Marilyn Leday (left) and Kiki Neumann show off some mirrors made with recycled license plates.

Stephanie Shroyer poses with some of her work from the Transitions exhibit.

Another piece of art by Houston artist Stephanie Shroyer.

"Night Ride” by Artist Robert Lanzini, made with reclaimed doors, resin and bicycle parts.

Sculpture made of salvaged steel by Jim Adams.

Steel sculpture by local artist Jim Adams.

Table and Chair at the Transitions-an Exploration of Recycled Art exhibit.

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