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In 2014, the City of Midland, Texas, reconstructed 1.5 miles of arterial roadway by milling up and replacing 6.5 inches of asphalt with 6.5 inches of roller-compacted concrete (RCC). Like the City of San Angelo, Midland’s engineering department had the RCC pavement diamond-ground to improve ride and stopping resistance.

Midland’s engineering department specified roller-compacted concrete (RCC) to open Lamesa Road as quickly as possible for business owners frustrated by what they considered inexplicable delays over three years. Repaving the 1.5-mile section was done in two phases, each lasting about a week, by San Angelo contractor Reece Albert Inc. The road opened to traffic 48 hours after placement.

The first publicly owned road in Texas paved with roller-compacted concrete (RCC) was this 3,400-foot stretch of Grape Creek Road in 2011 for the City of San Angelo. It was also the contractor’s first RCC project. In five days, Reece Albert Inc. milled up and replaced 6 inches of asphalt with 8 inches of subgrade stabilized with lime and cement followed by 6 inches of RCC.

The City of San Angelo specified diamond grinding to improve rideability and increase friction. At $3 to $5/square yard, diamond grinding costs less than an asphalt overlay and produces a surface that’s virtually maintenance-free. Grinding was performed by Penhall Co. Inc. of Anaheim, Calif.

Built in 2011 by San Angelo contractor Reece Albert Inc., Texas’ first publicly owned roller-compacted concrete (RCC) street is performing well, as illustrated by this photo taken in fall 2014.

Initially bid as asphalt, the City of San Angelo requested a change order to use roller-compacted concrete (RCC) to build a long-planned economic development project linking a state highway with fairgrounds which hosts the nation’s second-largest rodeo every February. Contractor Reece Albert Inc. placed 4,400 feet in in four days. Grinding was done by Southeast Grinding and Grooving LLC of Marietta, Ga. Homes and other new development are now springing up along the road.

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