Street sweeping saves money

TYMCO Inc. is credited as being the inventor of the regenerative air sweeping system. The DST-6 is one of two dustless regenerative air models the company produces.

Elgin Sweeper Co.’s Crosswind is a regenerative air sweeper offered in various design configurations tailored for roadways, airports, glycol recovery, and permeable pavement cleaning.

Schwarze Industries Inc.’s A8 Twister regenerative air sweeper offers scissor-lift dump heights from 2 feet to 12 feet, making it a very versatile design.

Britain-based Johnston Sweepers Ltd. is the largest sweeper manufacturer worldwide. In the U.S., Johnston North America offers the VT651 vacuum sweeper (shown), regenerative air RT655, purpose-built C201, and recently introduced ES351 Easy Sweep mechanical broom machine.

Although they’re broom sweepers, Elgin Sweeper Co.’s Waterless Eagle and Waterless Pelican have ‘negative pressure shrouds’ around the gutter brooms to allow for operation without using water.

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