Sound environmental advice

Environmental advisory boards often meet on a monthly basis to discuss short- and long-term issues. The Oak Ridge, Tenn., EQAB, shown here during a meeting, works through many public works issues. Photo: Paul Parson

Something as seemingly simple as a nature trails may be tackled by an environmental advisory committee. This trail in Oak Ridge, Tenn., leads to a reconfigured beaver dam and pond. A highlight of the nature trail is a view of the outfall from the city's wastewater treatment plant. Photo: K.D. Lawson/Black Star

The Clemson Beaver Pond Leveler was constructed using polyvinyl chloride pipe, wire, and welded fence fabric. Alan Neal and Allan Morrow with the U.S. Department of Agriculture worked with city crews to assemble the materials needed for the leveler and assisted with the installation of the finished product. Photo: Larry Bailey

The Oak Ridge, Tenn., public works department's work on a local beaver dam was funded using routine park maintenance funds. Challenges included saving the beaver habitat in an environmentally friendly manner while reducing the damage to nearby properties, dealing with traffic safety concerns, and alleviating mosquito problems caused by the impoundment of water behind the dam. Photo: Larry Bailey

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