Snow fighting in the 21st century

Above: This bridge on Interstate 90 near Worthington, Minn., has one of several FAST systems installed by the Minnesota DOT. These fixed installations automatically spray ice control chemicals on the bridge deck prior to and during snow and ice events as determined by system software. Photo: Calvin Lucas, Minnesota DOT Metro District

Above: This brine truck is used by the New Hampshire DOT to implement a new anti-icing program on a section of Interstate 93 near Manchester. Photo: New Hampshire DOT. Left: This brine truck, operated by the city of West Des Moines, is pretreating a section of roadway prior to onset of a storm. Photo: Bret Hodne, West Des Moines

Advancements in technology have helped winter maintenance personnel in the city of West Des Moines, lowa, make better decisions for allocation of people, resources, and equipment. This leads to cost savings, better service, more efficient operations, and a reduced number of accidents. Photo: Bret Hodne, West Des Moines

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