Small, medium, or large

Oklahoma City's Dennis Clowers, director of public works, stays involved with his large community through various programs, especially volunteer organizations.

John Rhodes, trust specialist with Oklahoma City, worked on the Oklahoma River dam project, one of the biggest projects in the city's recent history and a winner of APWA's 2004 Projects of the Year award. These dams were constructed under the auspices of Oklahoma City's “Metropolitan Area Projects” venues designed to enhance economic development and quality of life for citizens. See December 2004 PUBLIC WORKS for more information about this project.

LaSalle, Ill., often completes water main replacement projects through the cooperative efforts of city public works employees and employees of a local contracting firm, John Pohar and Sons.

Left: The city of Philadelphia is revitalizing North Broad Street, one of its primary traffic carriers; the $10 million project is expected to wrap in spring 2006 after 18 months. Right: Clarena I.W. Tolson is commissioner of Philadelphia's streets department, one of the city's separate agencies providing public works services.

Gary Cinnamon's partnerships with neighboring communities and local service departments are what help make the small town of Lyons work efficiently for its citizens.

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