Shielding residents from noise and light

Work zones: Maintenance (1), exterior canopy storage (2) knock-down pad (3), sand/salt shed (4), and fuel island (5).

Screening: Exterior storage, fencing, and plantings visually and acoustically screen operations from surrounding homes. Shed provides interior space where front loader can operate, limiting noise from constant backing up.

Circulation: (1) public and employee vehicles are separated from public works vehicles (2) Secure access enhances visitor safety and reduces vandalism (3 and 8) Fuel island at entrance/exit lets employees fuel up before or after a shift (4) Simple interior circulation with vehicles moving counterclockwise around building (5) Counterclockwise circulation in tight areas increases visibility (6) Counterclockwise turn out of maintenance (7) Counterclockwise movement around sand/salt shed enhances safety during storms.

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