Self-sustaining biosolids drying

The Class AA product is a source of organic material and nitrogen that is sold in bulk to central Florida's fertilizer industry. The pellets can also be sold as fuel for biomass incinerators. Photos: West Palm Beach Solid Waste Authority

Capable of turning 600 wet tons of sludge into 60 tons of marketable fertilizer every day, Palm Beach County's Resource Recovery Facility is processing 400 wet tons daily. Solid waste and wastewater treatment managers plan to add another 900 scfm by capturing gas from a second landfill.

Palm Beach County's North County Resource Recovery Facility is centrally located, lowering the hauling costs and vehicle emissions between five wastewater treatment plants and the landfill, which owned enough land to house a biosolids drying and pelletizing facility.

The compression system runs 24 hours a day, six days per week, recirculating gas to a continuous pilot that automatically switches back to flaring when the pelletization facility isn't operating.

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