Sea of Life

The Carlsbad desalination plant is co-located with the Encina Power Plant, shown in the lower left of this photo with the smokestack. When the plant opens in late 2010, it will pump 100 mgd of ocean water through a reverse osmosis membrane filtering process to render 50 mgd of high-quality drinking water to roughly 350,000 citizens in San Diego County. Photos: Poseidon Resources Corp.

Huntington Beach Desalinated seawater from the Huntington Beach plant will be introduced into Orange County's regional water supply system where it will be blended with drinking water from other sources. Twelve Orange County utilities and municipalities will have access to the desalinated water. In most cases, the plant will provide 1% to 10% of their water supply. Source: Poseidon Resources Corp.

Seawater desalination projects in Southern California

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