Safety at a crossroads

Sen. Mike DeWine (D-Ohio) has pushed a number of highway bill measures geared toward increasing public awareness and safety, including the Safe Streets and Highways provision, which would require states to identify and publicize their most dangerous intersections.

Prior to improvements (top), the crash-prone intersection of 7 Mile Road and Dequindre Street in Detroit had small, 8-inch-diameter signals, left turn prohibition, and no dedicated left turn lane. Based on recommendations by engineers from AAA, the city created a dedicated left-turn lane, added a protected left-turn arrow, and replaced the signal lenses with brighter 12-inch lenses (bottom).

Traffic at the intersection of Obernefemann Road and State Street in O'Fallon, Ill. (top)—already busy thanks to motorists from a nearby interstate—will soon increase when the city's Sports Complex and Community Park opens later this year. A proposed roundabout designed by Horner & Shifrin Inc., shown (bottom), would increase pedestrian safety, increase traffic flow, and reduce air/noise pollution.

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