Roads to wealth

Incorporated in 1887 as a Texas & Pacific Railway stop between Dallas and Shreveport, La., Mesquite's 15 minutes from downtown Dallas at the intersection of five highways. Photo (R) and map: City of Mesquite

Built in 1939 by the Works Progress Administration, the old Tripp Road and bridge was a safety hazard. The city eliminated the steep drainage ditches with an underground storm sewer system. Photo: City of Mesquite

Twenty-eight of the 105 Contech Construction Products Inc. Conspan Bridge System arches had to match the 11.4-degree angle of the road to the stream. The skew's so severe that the end segments are partial arches supported by adjacent arches or the precast headwall. Photo: Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc.

The road and bridge carry the same number of vehicles — 8,000/day — as before, but traffic flows much more smoothly. Engineering fees were $457,000 and construction, virtually all of it paid for by the sales tax-funded Mesquite Quality of Life Corp., was $9.4 million. Photo: City of Mesquite

From left: City Engineer Matt Holzapfel (, PE; Public Works Director Tim Tumulty (, PE; and Economic Development Manager Tom Palmer ( Photo: City of Mesquite

Mesquite's partnership with the state produced whimsical design flourishes like this on 22,000 square feet of new sound wall. Photo: City of Mesquite

Bridge spans were extended to accommodate additional lanes below. HNTB rejected an alternative bridge section that would've deepened the roadway cut, increased retaining wall height, and lengthened the connection back to the road. Photo: Aerial Photography Inc., courtesy of McCarthy Building Companies Inc.

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