Remediating unforeseen sewer contaminants

Top view of one set of submersible of pumps with discharge pipes rising from the bottom of the grit chamber. Two electric Flygt submersible 230-hp 18-inch pumps and two Gorman-Rupp electric submersible 45-hp 12-inch pumps moved solids from the chamber into the settling area. Five 12-inch diesel Gorman-Rupp and one 10-inch Pioneer diesel pump moved the liquid from the settling area to the pumping station.

Ingenious workaround. PCBs were found in 5,000 feet of an interceptor buried 20 to 30 feet below a highway near railroad tracks. Placing a decommissioned wastewater treatment plant back into operation saved millions over building a bypass sewer or on-site settling tanks for what turned out to be 2,500 tons of sediment.

Discharge pipes directing flow to the sedimentation tanks.

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