Rebels with a cause

In the lobby, countertops, porcelain tile, and ceiling tiles contain recycled material. The wood on the walls is sustainably harvested, in accordance with standards set by the nonprofit Forest Stewardship Council ( From left, Public Works Director William Hadley, HKT Architects Project Manager Michael Lawrence, and HKT Architects Principal Janet Slemenda. Photo: Gerry Evelyn/Evelyn Images

The Samuel Hadley Public Services Building contains more than 1,500 square feet of meeting space where neighborhood groups and other members of the public can gather. Residents also pay their water bills and pick up recycling bins at the facility. Photo: HKT Architects Inc.

Though the new facility provides 35% more office, storage, and shop space, the 9.6-acre site has 8% — or about an acre — more green space than before. A picnic area is available for the public, as is a water bubbler for dogs and their owners. Photo: CTA Construction Inc.

The employee corridor acts as a transition from the operations area to the administration building. A skylight and a curtain wall on each end mitigate the need for artificial light. Photo: CTA Construction Inc.

Exterior sunscreens positioned above the windows of the administration building reduce summer solar heat gains and maximize winter sunlight. Photo: HKT Architects Inc.

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