Ready for Inspection

A telehandler with a custom-fabricated handling device brought the pipe into the 4,000-foot tunnel from the entry shaft on the Sayreville side of the river. Instead of HDPE, sewer authority managers specified 100-psi, 46-stiffness centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar pipe. Photos: Hobas Pipe USA

Full-faced EPDM gasketed couplings were utilized for this deep tunnel project.

Crews hadn't been able to visually inspect the inside of the old force main, so epoxy-coated steel T-base entry fittings with alloy hardware were installed at three points along each pipeline to allow for future access.

The entry and exit shafts will remain in place after the project is completed.

Each gasketed connection was air-pressure-tested to 75 psi for two minutes using a full-circle pipe joint tester, and each pipeline was subjected to a hydrostatic test of 75 psi. Neither test revealed leaks.

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