The city of Hollywood, Fla., hosts an open house with equipment displays, information booths, and activities to help educate the community about its public works department. Photo: City of Hollywood

Does your department promote its services to the community? Of those surveyed, 69% of public works departments were actively promoting their services to their community. Small cities' public works departments are less likely to implement a marketing program—often due to limited resources. Source: PUBLIC WORKS.

The city of Indianapolis has developed a brochure introducing residents to the many services provided by the Indianapolis Department of Public Works. This brochure has proven to be their most effective marketing tool. Source: City of Indianapolis

Does your municipality/township/county have a public relations department? As community size increased, the percentage of entities with public relations departments increased. Although having a pubic relations department can help marketing efforts, many cities without communication departments are still finding ways to promote their services. Source: PUBLIC WORKS

The city of North Miami Beach, Fla., distributes its annual consumer confidence report in a calendar or datebook format. This calendar, sent out in 2002, won an award from the EPA.

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