Protecting rivers and streams

Left: John White (center), Streamwood's director of public works, points out some of the features of a new stormwater cleaning unit during installation in Streamwood, III. Greg Sterchi (left) of CDS Technologies and Trudy Buehler of Mackie Consultants in Rosemont, III., look on. Right: The view from the top of a unit reveals the diversion chamber where debris and suspended solids settle out of the incoming stormwater. The unit is designed with a sump that typically has to be cleaned only one or two times per year. Photo: Bob Mead

The CDS unit relies on water hydraulics and gravity. Stormwater enters the diversion chamber where a weir guides the flow into the unit's separation chamber. A vortex is formed that spins all floatables and most suspended solids to the center of the separation chamber. The trash and suspended solids settle into a sump where they remain until they are removed. The water passes through a self-cleaning screen with the cleaned water then being discharged. Source: CDS

Teacher Deb Perryman (left) and public works director John White work with a crew to clean up Poplar Creek and the Fox River. Photo: Bob Mead

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