Precleaners extend landfill equipment engine life

Arizona’s Salt River Landfill employees replaced the air filter precleaner on a Caterpillar compactor and dozer with an atmospheric discharge turbo II Model 68 precleaner.

Collection dust bowl. Least expensive. Made from plastic, so they’re susceptible to cracking and clouding, making it difficult to see when they need to be emptied. Works on a limited range of particulate sizes and exhausts back into the air-intake path.

Exhaust aspirated. A two-part design that creates a vacuum to suck particulates out of the air stream. If check valve between the precleaner and venture tube fails, exhaust can travel to the air filter and melt the plastic part of the filter or cause a fire by igniting the air filter itself. Aspirator tubes can clog. Exhausts back into the potential intake path.

Atmospheric discharge. Incoming air rotates an impeller that separates the dirt, dust, moisture, and other particulate from the air via centrifugal force. Exhausts away from the intake. Design of the turbo II Precleaners installed by the Salt River Landfill, which remove 70% to 90% of particles.

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