One mechanical failure every 346 years

This is a section of the pull-out unit for a concrete volute pump; the unit has all of the mechanical components of the pump. Typical shaft diameters of the larger pumps are in the 12 to 16 inch range. The grease seals and the water seals, which are in the upper and lower bearing housings, are not shown to eliminate clutter.

The New Pavaho Storm Water Pump Station with a capacity of 375,000 gpm. The station has three Flowserve concrete volute pumps, each driven by a 1,750 horsepower electric motor. Parallel shaft gear reducers are used to reduce the impeller speed to 210 rpm.

Baker No. 3 Storm Water Pump Station, which has a total capacity of 700,000 gpm. The station uses four Flowserve BCV 210 concrete volute pumps driven by 3,000 horsepower electric motors. The “candy canes” on the discharge piping provide positive column separation, thus preventing siphoning.

The pump room at Baker No. 3. The motors are visible and the gear reducers are mounted below the motors, with the concrete volute pumps installed below the gear reducers. These motors are water cooled to keep the temperatures reasonable during the Texas summers.

One of the formed suction inlets at the Baker No. 3 Pump Station. This is a slight variation from the USACE Type 10 FSI; it has straight sides to facilitate forming. One advantage of the FSI is that it tolerates approach flows from an angle.

Suction bell and the bottom of an impeller at Baker No. 3. The concrete wall under the impeller is an anti-vortex baffle. The suction bell is part of the prefabricated elements provided by Flowserve.

Lubrication package for one of the gear reducers. The large black line is the oil return. There are two oil pumps, filters, an oil reservoir, and instrumentation for operating and monitoring the lubrication skid and the gear reducer.

Architect’s rendering of Able No. 3 Storm Water Pump Station that has a combined capacity of 875,000 gpm. The station will have four Flowserve BCV 220 concrete volute pumps, driven by 3,750 horsepower motors, and parallel shaft gear reducers. Each pump is installed with a water cooled variable frequency drive for starting.

The prefabricated concrete volutes ready to be installed at Able No. 3. The tan elements to the right are the transition pieces that connect the round, 108-inch discharge piping to the pump discharge, which is square. The transition pieces have round manways that permit operations staff to enter the volute to inspect the volute, impeller, and wear ring.

One of the impellers, pump covers, and shafts to be installed at Able No. 3 Storm Water Pump Station. The rotating speed of the impeller is 210 rpm, and the low rotating speed improves pump reliability. The pump cover includes the lower bearing and seal assemblies.

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