Not-so-risky business

Built in the mid-1960s, the Factoria Transfer Station in Bellevue will be replaced with a larger and enclosed facility. The project’s expected to cost the King County (Wash.) Solid Waste Division $90 million.

Rogers (left) and Hague at one of King County’s 10 transfer stations.

Working in or near private right-of-ways is another major cost risk factor for seemingly straightforward projects like trail creation.

To the layman, existing utilities are a straightforward aspect of construction. But they’re a potential complication that can greatly affect project cost.

To lower the number of truck trips to and from the factility and improve payload efficiency, King County’s new Factoria Transfer Station will have a garbage compactor.

If managed rigorously, legislators and constituents celebrate a project that was delivered as close to budget and deadline as expected.

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