North America's 13 Coolest Drinking Water Tanks

Grand Prize Winner,  City of Cocoa, Fla.: Standing near the intersection of U.S. 1 and State Road 520 down the road from the John F. Kennedy Space Center, the City of Cocoa, Fla.’s 1.5-million-gallon water tower was built in 1957 to supply NASA’s growing space program. The 156-foot structure became a landmark after Old Glory was painted on in 1976 to commemorate the U.S. Bicentennial. Originally painted with an old-fashioned silver alkyd coating, the tank was completely renovated in 1991 to remove corrosion caused by Florida’s salty, coastal environment. An aliphatic acrylic polyurethane finish coat from Tnemec was specified, and again in 2003 when recoating was required. The tank was recoated in 2014 using Tnemec’s advanced fluoropolymer system. The project involved high-pressure washing and sandblasting the exterior down to bare metal under total containment (Photo courtesty of Tnemec). 

Contemporary winner, Plant City, Fla.: This 500,000-gallon pedestal tank received more than 5,700 votes in the contemporary category, which features varied color schemes, creative logos, and designs. Built in 1978, the tank’s design reflects Plant City’s claim as Florida’s Strawberry Capital. More than 10,000 acres of strawberries are planted there every year (Photo courtesy of Tnemec).

Classic winner, Pittsfield, Ohio: a class act. For the first time in the contest’s 10-year history, online voters chose their favorite water tanks in two categories: classic and contemporary. Pittsfield, Ohio’s bright blue, legged tank swept the classic category, which features tanks with solid colors and block letters. Its exterior is coated with Tnemec’s high-performance fluoropolymer finish for color and gloss retention. “Tanks with these classic designs can be seen all over the country and continue to be local landmarks for their communities,” says Water Tank Market Director Doug Hansen (Photo courtesy of Tnemec).

Amboy, Ill (Photo courtesy of Tnemec).

Carrollton, Texas (Photo courtesy of Tnemec)

Cedarville, Ohio (Photo courtesy of Tnemec)

Chesterfield, Va. (Photo courtesy of Tnemec)

Lebanon, Mo (Photo courtesy of Tnemec)

Mont Belvieu, Texas (Photo courtesy of Tnemec)

Nobleton, Ontario, Canada (Photo courtesy of Tnemec)

North Newton, Kan. (Photo courtesy of Tnemec)

Oak Grove, Mo. (Photo courtesy of Tnemec)

Zebulon, N.C. (Photo courtesy of Tnemec)

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