Nonproprietary process removes all water contaminants

The Reno-Stead Wastewater Treatment Plant's 2 mgd aertion basins provide biological treatment to remove organic and total nitrogen loads.

The plant's secondary clarifiers are used for gravity separation of solids and clarified effluent from the aeration basins.

Filtered and ozonated water goes to a custom-made 10.7 gpm WesTech Engineering biological activated carbon (BAC) filter unit that treats the water via microorganisms grown on the filter medium.

Studying emerging contaminants requires ultraclean sampling techniques that avoid tainting by introducing new contaminants from the surrounding environment.

Secondary treated effluent goes through a 25 gpm WesTech Engineering ultrafiltration system featuring membranes with 0.01-micron pores.

Filtered water goes to a 4 lb./day liquid-oxygen ozonation system made by APTwater Inc. The serpentine piping provides the contact time reuired downstream of ozone injection.

One contaminant of emerging concern (CAC) is ethynylestradiol , a man-made hormone widely used in birth control pills that feminizes fish.

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