New technologies heat up energy savings

Warming the firehouse equipment bay with radiant heat enabled Glastonbury's Facilities Services Department to replace a 910 MBH gas-fired, hot water boiler with Lochinvar Corp.'s Knight XL 400 condensing boiler rated at 370 MBH. One MBH equals 1,000 BTUs per hour. Photos: Herbert Schwind

Natural gas consumption has dropped by 4,000 CCF (centum cubic feet) and, when combined with a lower rate, the firehouse is spending at least 50% less on heat. Removing the fans associated with unit heaters and replacing hot water circulating pumps with smaller, more efficient units also lowered electricity usage slightly. Using current fuel prices, the project has a simple payback of 4.2 years based on net cost and 10.4 years based on gross cost. As fuel prices rise, payback will improve. Charts: Herbert Schwind

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