Modeling with CFD

CFD software provides insight to what is actually happening inside a structure, evident in this model of the San Diego Miramar water treatment plant's flow splitter box that shows velocity contours. Photos: COM

Shown here is construction of the San Diego Miramar water treatment plant, which provides 140 mgd to nearly 500,000 residents.

Above: CFD results, such as this graphic of velocity magnitude contours in the chlorine contactor at the Los Angeles West Basin Municipal Water District water recycling plant, illustrate fluid flow within a structure. Left: A CFD analysis at the West Basin Municipal Water District plant revealed that the residence time of the existing chlorine contactor at the increased flow rate was sufficient, and adding another contactor was unnecessary.

These two graphics illustrate the modeling of the velocity contours of the Scott Candler water filter plant's channel with (top) and without (bottom) a taper. Results showed that a rectangular channel was more effective than the tapered design, saving more than $75,000 in additional costs.

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