Marine masters

Divers locate trestle bridge piles for engineers who designed the replacement Hendrickson Dam in Punta Gorda, Fla. Photo: Stanley Consultants Inc.

A $600,000 project to extend a near-shore discharge pipe 300 feet into a river included $130,000 for planning, design, permitting, subconsultants, and construction contract administration including full-time, onsite observation and ive services. Photo: Matt Dodds

Structural Engineer Ryan Bell (pictured left) enters a digester to plug the discharge outlet so a valve can be installed in the sludge withdrawal pipe. Meanwhile, Diving Supervisor Hank Mann works the dive station where communication, video, and air supplied by the portable high-pressure cylinders are controlled. Photos: Matt Dodds

In addition to a condition assessment, the $81,000 professional services contract includes cleaning and preliminary design for repair options. Photo: Ben Boss

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