Making contracted operations work

The 1.5-mgd tertiary-treatment wastewater reclamation facility has operated within all permit standards since startup in January 2010, thanks in part to CitectSCADA process control. The master lift station's new Allan Bradley MicroLogix 1100 control device and ABB ACS550 variable frequency drive, a $25,000 investment that's lowered electricity consumption at the station by more than one-third, connect to the new facility. Photo: Woodard & Curran

At $50,000, chloramination was less than 5% of the cost required to design and build a new filtration facility. Within five months, trihalomethanes (THM) and HAA5s (the haloacetic acid family) compliance was achieved. Complaints about taste and odor are down by 90%. Photo: Woodard & Curran

Inverness, Fla., Mayor Bob Plaisted (left) and City Manager Frank DiGiovanni wanted to establish a partnership with a consultant that would act as an administrative team member and not just a contractor. Photo: Woodard & Curran

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