Making a clear-cut mulcher decision

Horizontal drum mulching attachments help extend the versatility of existing tractors in a public works fleet. The Loftness Tree Hammer is available with a shear bar, which helps increase efficiency and produces finer particle sizes of mulched material.

Horizontal drum mulchers can be pushed or pulled behind a tractor for mulching. The Loftness Tree Hammer features a unique chamber shape to enhance the chipping and shredding process. Photo: Loftness

A variety of teeth options are available to meet mulching needs. Loftness introduced a breakthrough in cutting teeth with its patented swinging hammer design, which features individually replaceable hammers for easy maintenance.

Hydrostatic tractor transmissions are beneficial for slowly driving the mulching head into tough material such as thick trees. The Loftness Tree Hammer includes a four-groove banded belt drive for a smooth transfer of power to the mulching head.

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