Maintenance extends battery life for fleets

North Richland Hills, Texas, police cars line up outside Fleet Services for routine maintenance. This SUV's emergency bar has a Pulse Tech Products ERV 6-watt solar-powered battery charge maintainer.

North Richland Hills squad car with PulseTech Products' 6-watt ERV solar panel on the emergency bar and front guard to offset parasitic drain, remove sulfates from battery plates, and maintain the battery in peak condition.

Installing a solar-powered battery charger (circled in red) ensures construction equipment is always operational. This tractor has a PulseTech Products SP-5 5-watt maintainer.

North Richland Hills, Texas, Fleet Services recharges up to 12 batteries at a time using PulseTech Products’ SC-12 multiple battery charger (bottom left).

Top: 12-volt lead-acid battery plates charged and maintained using pulse technology. Bottom: battery plates charged with typical charger.

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