Keeping the ‘Red’ out

Above: When the flood of 1997 hit, 90% of East Grand Forks' residents and 75% of Grand Forks'residents were forced to evacuate. Right: About 2200 acres in the sister cities area were converted to a greenway after the 1997 flood. It includes picnic and playground areas, golf courses, sledding hills, fishing sites, a rock dam, and more than 14 miles of bike and pedestrian trails. Photos: City of Grand Forks

Above: This obelisk (pictured during spring 2005 flooding) is a flood memorial indicating all of the great Red River floods. The peak indicates the level of the 1997 flood.

Historic St. Anne's/St, Michael's was almost sacrificed to the floods. The idea to build a porch that also serves as a floodwall made it possible to save the building.

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