Jurassic Park lives on!

Dinosaur family constructed by the Public Works Department in Granger, Wash. The first Granger dinosaur was a baby brontosaurus constructed by former public works director Jack Burns.

The standard dinosaur is a pipe skeleton covered with meatal mesh and layered with cement. Dinosaurs range from velociraptors to triceratops.

It takes about three to four days for the public works department to complete a dinosaur. Local buisnesses donate scrap iron and emamel paint which is used to construct the dinosaurs.

People from across the country come to Granger to see all of the concrete dinosaurs constructed and maintained by the town’s public works department. Social media, along with word-of-mouth, has helped generate interest in this small Washington town.

Social media has played a huge role in the promotion of Granger’s dinosaurs. People pose for photos with the dinosaurs and post them on several social media platforms.

Granger's Public Works Department repaints the Dinosaurs once a year. The kid-friendly designs make it easy for children to climb on the dinosaurs.

Construction of an individual dinosaur ranges between $400 to $500. The dinosaurs bring tourists from all over the country, which generates tons of tax revenue for the town of Granger.

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