Independent Operators

Navajo County's information system is equipped with Terra Genesis Inc.'s GENII, an enterprise information integration tool that communicates with many different data systems. It pools disparate information into one enterprise system, while allowing information to remain in original databases. The tool adds data, security, and business logic layers, coupled with the source data to create a system of communicating applications. The system's data connectivity functions like a pyramid, from data maintenance at the base to queries in the middle and executive reports at the top. The system also provides data and maps to Navajo County's public-domain Internet site. Source: Navajo County/Public Works

Cost of delivered hot asphalt with tack oil

Points of flood analysis against FEMA maps and floodways

Fleet by inventory make

NCIS record creation report The above reports were generated by the Navajo County Information System.

The file room of Navajo County (Ariz.) Public Works. The county's two-year-old information system — based on enterprise information integration — provides a direct, electronic view into the data contained in this once-daunting back room.

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