February Upfront News & Views

To locate a plastic bag recycling program in your community, visit www.plasticbagrecycling.org. To learn more about promoting in-store recycling programs, visit the American Chemistry Council's Progressive Bag Affiliates at www.americanchemistry.com.

The city of Portage, Mich., is looking for the best possible solution for cleaning a large-diameter culvert with difficult access at both ends. Photo: City of Portage, Mich.

Bret Hodne, acting director/superintendent of the West Des Moines Department of Public Works, spearheaded a project to build a regional salt storage facility. Photo: Bret Hodne


The Highway Trust Fund collected $3 billion less last year than in 2007 for total receipts of $31 billion. Federal transportation spending for 2008 rose by $2 billion.

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