End of the Line

It's not illegal to install new asbestos-cement pipe — just impractical. Photos: TT Technologies

The bladed cutter head of a static pipe-bursting machine enters the host pipe at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey. More than 8,250 linear feet of 3- through 12-inch asbestos-cement water main was replaced with HDPE. The project was specified as trenchless pipe bursting so the pipe could be replaced without removing it from the ground. The Water Research Foundation is seeking agencies for pilot studies of less than 260 linear feet to help develop a “consolidating mud” that can serve as a lubricant and that conglomerates the soil, mud, and broken fragments into a single material; this mud could make fragments left behind more acceptable because they'd be less likely to be disturbed during subsequent excavation. Contact Jian Zhang at 800-666-0206.

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