Designing pervious

The large, white square stretch of pervious concrete pavement alongside Lake Owasso in Shoreview, Minn., was installed in 2009. At 79,800 square feet and 7 inches thick, it's the largest pervious public street in the nation. Photo: William Randle

Two ready-mix trucks backed up side by side in front of the roller screed to place concrete in the 21-foot-wide street. New trucks and concrete, which flowed freely down the chutes, arrived every 25 minutes. Photo: Joe Nasvik

The contractor fabricated an efficient moving platform to place a wet-curing membrane over the freshly placed pavement. Photos: Joe Nasvik

Sawed control joints were installed after the curing operation concluded. Photo: Joe Nasvik

To illustrate the ability of the pavement to absorb water, ready-mix producer Cemstone emptied a ready-mix truck full of water as fast as it could be dispatched. Photo: Joe Nasvik

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