Creating a courtyard

Work zones: Includes a sand/salt shed with exterior canopies (5), a fuel island (6), and exterior canopy storage. Putting the yard between the building, exterior storage, bin storage, and the sand/salt shed provides swing space (in yellow) for maintenance (1), exterior storage (2), bin storage, pre-wash operations, and sand/salt operations and allows for circulation and temporary storage as needed. Very flexible.

Screening: The main building screens the yard from the street; exterior storage, bulk storage bins, and the sand/salt shed screen the yard from homes to the south. Configuration keeps work areas out of sight but along circulation path.

Circulation: (1) Main entry point provides counterclockwise movement (2) into the yard, (3 and 4) from maintenance bays and vehicle storage, (5) direct access to the street (admittedly not ideal because vehicles also come from the west, but the best possible solution given site constraints), and (6) throughout the site and work zones.

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