Corrosion Corrected

With a growing focus on clean building and the costs of pouring traditional concrete, the small New Hampshire town of New Ipswich had neither time nor money to waste when a pair of 50-year-old, corrugated steel culverts began to show signs of corrosion.

The town’s public works department wanted a solution that could be performed in-house. They chose Concrete Cloth, a form-fitting, flexible concrete fabric that hardens when hydrated. Installing the product took six hours; the project took two days because flow had to be diverted from one pipe to another.

Concrete Cloth replaces conventional concretes, rip rap, shot-cretes, and some geotechnical fabrics in erosion control and protection applications. Typical examples include ditch lining, slope stabilization, secondary berm protection, culvert invert protection, and geosynthetic liner protection.

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