Concrete volute pumps for flood protection

A concrete volute pump has a “formed suction inlet” instead of the usual rectangular structure. The suction bell is connected directly to the inlet and the volute sits directly above the suction bell. The transition piece is cast into the volute and becomes the connection to the discharge piping.

Construction is under way on a second pump station at the Pavaho site. Three 125,000-gpm Flowserve Corp. BCV 170 concrete volute pumps are replacing Flygt 46,000-gpm submersible and 30,000-gpm vertical pumps. Photo: Trinity Watershed Management Department

Table 1 — Existing stormwater pump stations

Table 2 — Planned stormwater pump station improvements

The Dallas Floodway Extension is one of five projects Congress authorized in 1965 as part of a basinwide plan to control the Trinity River. It was never built, so runoff that should flow to the river is trapped on land and pumped to the river during storms. To alleviate chronic flooding, the Trinity Watershed Management Department and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are replacing vertical pumps with concrete volute pumps at six pumping stations. Map: Trinity Watershed Management Department

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