Coming together

Bob Pierre's Cohoes public works colleagues George Hebert and Randall Snedecor compare notes on an upcoming job while preparing to start the day. Having a choice in day-to-day job activities ranked third among survey respondents in job satisfaction.

Why do you like being in a union? Though compensation always plays a big role in any employee's life, the benefits offered by unions can far outweigh the lower pay. Many unions offer free or low-cost health insurance and pension plans that the city funds.

Cohoes public works employees George Hebert (left), Bob Pierre, and Randall Snedecor (in truck) use a Vactor truck to clean out a sewer. Pierre said that he likes the varied work he does on a daily basis.

Joan Raymond, president of AFSCME Local 127, speaks at a rally for “Living Wage.” A big part of her job is making sure her fellow union employees are fairly represented.

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