Cold-weather sewer correction

Keller Construction Inc. used 13-foot pipe because 20-foot lengths were too much of a reach for the company’s John Deere 450 excavator. Backfill consisted of a bed of rock over the top of the pipe, followed by the native soil.

Statewide Urban Design and Specifications Director Paul Wiegand and Advanced Drainage Systems’ Paul Hutton confer about other installations that could use the ADS pipe to reduce costs and extend service life. SUDAS develops common design standards and specifications for public improvements such as sanitary sewers.

A-Lok premium gaskets ensure a watertight insertion into precast concrete manholes.

Even with a 67% population increase from 2000 to 2010, Grimes remains one the fastest-growing communities in Iowa. This project involved 1,857 feet of 48-inch and 3,000 feet of 36-inch Advanced Drainage Systems SaniTite HP pipe.

Though his firm had installed Advanced Drainage Systems’ black, corrugated HDPE pipe, this was contractor Darin Keller’s first experience with the company’s triple-wall SaniTite HP. After installation, he crawled through the entire mile-long line with a mandrel to confirm the integrity of the pipe’s shape.

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