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Contractors tunneling under a roadway: These workers are operating under a contractor-provided health and safety plan. Appropriate personal protection equipment and forced-air ventilation of the excavation tunnel was specified in the contract. Photos: City of Dallas

Proper stockpiling of contaminated soil: Note the proper stormwater fencing at this Dallas Water Utilities project; stockpiled soils are located on and covered with plastic.

The below map is an example of a Dallas Water Utilities GIS search showing locations of regulated facilities with the potential for contaminant releases that could impact the utility's rights of way. Blue circles: city-permitted monitoring wells. Green diamonds: Voluntary Cleanup Program sites. Red diamonds: Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank Program sites. Orange shields: registered dry cleaners. Map: City of Dallas requires developers

A probable unacceptable condition: The surrounding natural color of soil in this soil column is contrasted by the dark, stained affected soil.

Unacceptable condition: Nonaqueous phase liquid (NAPL, or free-phase product) is present on the surface water at the bottom of a utility excavation. Free-flowing fuel, obviously discolored groundwater with a rainbow “sheen,” and strong odors exist at this project.

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