Bringing drinking water to an island community

The first settlers came to Roanoke Island in 1585. Like the Dare County Water Department's other 12 service areas, the 18-square-mile island between North Carolina's coast and the Atlantic Ocean experienced chronic saltwater intrusion. Map: Mark Darwin, CDM Smith; Photos: CDM Smith

Horizontal directional drilling has been used to install 1,010 linear feet of 16-inch HDPE pipe over three locations; jack-and-bore for 36 road crossings in carrier sizes from 6 to 16 inches. This is a pipe-jacking heading east from the northwest corner of an intersection on Roanoke Island.

In addition to 56 miles of 6- to 16-inch pipeline, the Dare County Water Department's construction manager at risk (CMAR) contract with CDM Smith includes improvements that will increase pumping capacity from 800 - 900 gpm to a maximum 1,950 gpm under typical operating conditions. New, 100-hp pumps have replaced two 30-hp high-service pumps; transmission pumps have been rehabilitated.

When the project's completed this year, North Carolina's Dare County Water Department will have more than doubled Roanoke Island's storage capacity. This new, 300,000-gallon tank is located at an abandoned county facility.

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