Bridge from Tragedy

The St. Anthony Falls Interstate 35W bridge is 76 feet wider than its predecessor and can accommodate the addition of light rail. Redundancy is designed into every element of the structure. Photo: Joe Nasvik

Twin City residents were invited to meet with project mangers like Minnesota DOT's Jon Chiglo (on the left with safety vest) every Saturday to learn about the reconstruction progress. Attendance ranged from four to 450 people; ultimately, 5,000 members of the public took advantage of the “sidewalk talks.” Photo: Joe Nasvik

Award-winning mathematics Minnesota DOT's formula for determining the technical score of “best value” design-build proposals.

Flatiron/Manson cast the back-span sections of the bridge in-place and used precast segmental construction for the main spans, making it possible to work on all portions of the deck at the same time. They used the I-35W roadway south of the river as the site for the segmental precasting beds. Photo courtesy of Figg Engineering Group

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