Big league brokering

FEBRUARY 2008 One month into construction the layout of the 150-acre Camelback Ranch – Glendale complex takes shape. Glendale Municipal Airport is at the top of this picture, just northwest of the stadium. Photos: Stanley Consultants

MAY 2008 Concrete placement begins for major structures. A Southwest flair will eventually be reflected in stacked natural stone walls and an earthy color palette.

AUGUST 2008 Natural turf is installed on the first of 12 practice fields. A three-acre lake is dug to separate the Los Angeles Dodgers (on the right with turf in place) and Chicago White Sox practice fields. Each team has one field that exactly mimics the dimensions of their home stadium.

DECEMBER 2008 After 11 months all major elements are in place. With 13,000 seats, the structure on the right is the nation's largest spring training stadium. The outfield was built 12 feet belowgrade to improve sight lines.

JANUARY & FEBRUARY 2009 One month before opening day, workers concentrate on the final details: sidewalks, painting, signs, equipment installation, and cleaning up. Five concession buildings, 4,000 parking spaces, and an orange grove flank the stadium.

MARCH 2009 Cambelback Ranch - Glendale opens for its first preseason game March 1 with the White Sox defeating the Dodgers 3-2.

A manmade lake separating the two sets of practice fields is charged by the 11.2-mgd Glendale West Area Water Reclamation Facility. Used for irrigation, the lake is stocked with fish. Water is kept from seeping through the sandy desert soil with a 30-mil PVC liner covered with 12 inches of clean native soil ballast.

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