Avoiding a slippery slope

Sliplining was an ideal solution for repairing corroded metal drainage pipes in Silver Creek Canyon. An effective drainage system was critical to controlling erosion and protecting drivers, and the new pavement, from standing water. Geneva Rock performed a video inspection of the existing pipes to determine the extent of repair or replacement required.

A corrugated metal pipe, cleaned and ready for repair.

The CentriPipe system uses a retractable sprayer to apply AP/M Permaform concrete. This involves pumping in self-consolidating mortar to fill damaged areas, then spraying a layer of concrete inside the pipe with a spinning, retractable applicator. The applicator is run back and forth through the pipe, adding layers of concrete until the new lining reaches a desired thickness.

The metal pipe lined with concrete. Although the CentriPipe system costs more than slipforming, the subcontractor performed the work at a reduced price that kept the project within budget.

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