Asset data illuminates the road to recovery

That same section of road three years later. Note asphalt cracking in right-hand lane. LaDOTD employees can call up and compare full-size images and data for any given route via Fugro Roadware’s web-based iVision software

A control section of asphalt pavement in Houma, La., in May 2005. Hurricanes Rita and Katrina hit the state in September 2005. A Fugro Roadware Automatic Road Analyzer (ARAN) vehicle took this surface view with a forward-facing right-of-way camera.

Fugro Roadware’s Automated Road Analyzer (ARAN) 9000 survey vehicles are equipped to collec GPR, a geophysical technique used to provide construction and condition information from the ground and for pavements and much more.

Using GPR thickness data collected by Fugro Roadware and made available on LaDOTD’s internal web page, pavement engineers can analyse and report GPR data cross-referenced with calibration cores and other data in the agency’s Pavement Management System (PMS). This example plots construction thickness using GPR data with click-through for more detailed data on actual and virtual calibration cores.


Web-based viewing via Fugro Roadware’s iVision provides easy access to dynamic views of different data streams that are fully coordinated with GIS. A browser and internet access are all that are required for remote use. This screengrab shows map/distress data.

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