Asphalt recycling gains momentum

Terex Roadbuilding's TRIPLE-DRUM asphalt plant is proficient at running high percentages of reclaimed asphalt pavement. Photo: Terex Roadbuilding, Oklahoma City

Foam stabilized base is in the foreground as a Wirtgen WR 2500 S foams the other side of the rural road. Liquid asphalt from the tanker at right is mixed with water from the tanker at left in the mixing chamber of the reclaimer. Photo: Wirtgen America Inc.

E.J. Breneman's cold-in-place recycling train is led by a 4500-gallon tanker carrying emulsified asphalt. Next is a down-cutting Caterpillar 750C milling machine, which creates a 2-inch-minus material and mixes it with 2% emulsion by weight. The material is conveyed into a windrow elevator, which lifts it into the payer in the rear. Compaction and an overlay follow. Photo: E.J. Breneman

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