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In addition to offering dynamic Web control and having a GPS unit for asset tracking and monitoring, the Advantage Series 4260, 4280, and 42100 portable message boards come with two years of cellular service so users can change text and graphics and turn the unit on and off from their cell phones. Like the rest of the company's product line, the battery-powered LED signs have solar recharge capability and comply with National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol. American Signal Co. Booth 2047. www.amsig.com.

A patented wrapped-spiral design that facilitates 30-gpm flow over its entire 43-sq.-ft. surface area sucks pollutants from water, then deposits them up to 300 lbs. of sediment/cartridge on the vault floor for removal. The BayFilter's silica-sand filter doesn-t leach nitrogen or other nutrients, and its modular design makes it suitable for manholes. Installing a BaySeparator PT upstream to remove large pollutant loads before they reach the BayFilter extends maintenance cycles. BaySaver Technologies Inc. Booth 838. www.baysaver.com.

Capable of supporting traffic loads to AASHTO H-20 standards, the subsurface Silva Cell gives the roots of large trees unlimited access to uncompacted soil. Its modular design allows the system to be sized according to the volume of water generated by surrounding impermeable surfaces such as parking lots; for example, 1,200 cu. ft. of the cells can be designed for 0% runoff from a 3,000-sq.-ft. Type II rain event. Each Silva Cell holds 10 cu. ft. of soil. Deep Root Partners LP. Booth 2301. www.deeproot.com.

Designed for medium- to heavy-duty snowplow trucks, the latest offering from this supplier of mobile hydraulic systems, components, and electronic controls integrates CAN (controller area network) bus technology with decision-management software to collect and present chassis data and allow operators to respond to changes in weather and other variables using a six-function joystick. A 7-in. high-resolution LCD screen displays color-coded menus for intuitive program navigation. The control valve module meets IP68 environmental standards and is preinstalled on the valve assembly. Force America Inc. Booth 821. www.forceamerica.com.

By eliminating the time and material required to assemble and tamp track, Premier precast reinforced concrete crossings handle 110-lb. to 140-lb. rails and are typically installed in half the time of other crossing systems. Assembly begins by placing the base modules on the compacted subgrade. Next, the rails are placed in their custom-formed recesses. Finally, the center panels are bolted (four bolts per track foot) into place. Designed to ASTM A497 and Cooper E80 loading. Hanson Pipe Precast. Booth 327. www.hansonpipeandprecast.com.

Founded in 1993, the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute provides hydrological and structural design software and other resources for installers and specifiers of segmental concrete pavement systems, including its Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements manual. Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. Booth 1849. www.icpi.org.

This Canadian company's products are built on the concept of modular design; clients choose a camera, crawler, and controllers to which manipulators, sensors, and sonars can be added to create off-the-shelf yet 'customized' solutions. The Versatrax 150's 88-pound chassis and 5.5-pound camera is configurable for 6-inch-diameter and larger pipe. Can be operated at temperatures ranging from 32 to 122?? F and to a depth of 100 ft. Inuktun Services Ltd. Booth 647. www.inuktun.com.

The M57 Mobilair's forklift slots and single-point lifting bail facilitate mounting on service vehicles. Delivers 210 cfm at 100 psig; 28-gal. fuel tank provides 10 hours of operation; four-cylinder diesel meets Tier 3 EPA emissions standards. The unit's proprietary Sigma Profile airend produces more air with less horsepower. Kaeser Compressors Inc. Booth 749. www.kaeser.com/mobilair.

With the flip of a switch, the KM4000 moves from saving up to 2 tons of leftover or unused hot mixes to storing cold patch at 80 to 90?? F. Designed to slide into any standard-size heavy-duty pickup, the unit weighs 820 lbs. empty. KM International. Booth 1148. www.kminfrared.com.

Available in round, rectangular, and square designs to fit most manholes and storm drains, the durable plastic Manhole Guard can be fitted with a guide that protects hoses from fraying or a PVC or aluminum bypass. Custom sizes and colors available. Southern Sewer Equipment Sales. Booth 845. www.manholeguard.com.

Specialists in GIS development including RTK data collection as well as paper and digital data conversion, such as for infrastructure inventories and mapping. Mid-West GIS Inc. Booth 2538. www.mid-westgis.com.

Each Auto Exec model is ergonomically designed based on how people work out of their cars. Requiring no assembly, the desk is secured by a seatbelt. A built-in 400 W power inverter provides AC power. Mobile Office Inc. Booth 648. www.gooffice.com.

Store your specs and drawings and lock away your laptop with the Ultimate Field Office. Designed to fit most full-size pickups, options include a power inverter with easy-access sockets, a printer/copier/scanner on a lift, rechargeable flashlight, first aid kit, and a 49-in.-long drawer. mobileDUZ LLLP. Booth 2401. www.mobileduz.com.

The adjustable Mojack fits any size lawn tractor or riding mower, including zero-turning-radius models. Choose from one of three models based on the distance between the inside of one front tire and the other: If it's 20-in. to 28-in., the MJ-48 lifts up to 300 lbs. and the MJ-60 up to 400; 29-in. to 44-in. mowers fit the MJ-72. Mojack. Booth 1254. www.themojack.com.

In addition to educational programming and research by nationally renowned Chief Economist Ed Sullivan, the Portland Cement Association works to expand markets. For example, full-depth reclamation using cement, a technique Coweta County, Ga., turned to when deep-patching contracts hit $100/ton. By spending the same amount, the county got a completely reconstructed roadway with a life expectancy three times that of untreated roads than traditional repair methods. Portland Cement Association. Booth 730. www.cement.org.

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